Since 2000, Americans went from spending approximately 9 to 23.6 hours of their time online weekly! Clearly, because technology is a priority for many, online offerings and pathways of communication are essential. A corporate wellness program is no exception. At Wellworks For You, we designed a health portal specifically to accommodate online users. Through the WWFY Wellness Portal, employees can access a number of options from fitness and nutrition information to team wellness challenges and personalized health data—and much more!

Learn Why Heather and Employees Like Her Rely on a Wellness Health Portal

While employees have 24-hour access to the Wellness Portal, employers can utilize this comprehensive employee health portal to customize and manage their wellness program. Our team continuously looks for new and innovative ways to create useful features and enhance the user’s experience on our website. Our portal offers several unique features including a secure homepage login, personalized metrics, the ability to track incentives, customizable settings, and notices for upcoming programs and events.

But, don’t take our word for it. Introducing Heather, an employee and Wellness Portal enthusiast. Learn what her experience was like using the Wellness Portal and how it helped her achieve her goals.

WWFY: How user-friendly is the Wellness Portal? Do you think new users have difficulty navigating the portal?
Heather: I would think not. What I really like about the employee wellness portal is how simple it is to figure out. When you’re at work all day, the last thing you want to do is put another task on your list. Using the portal doesn’t feel like a task at all. The different sections and functions are clearly marked, and I find it easy to navigate.

health portalWWFY: Can you share a few of your favorite features of the online Wellness Portal?
Heather: Well, personally, I like using the pedometer program. I use both the portal on my computer and the app on my iPhone. The pedometer program is so easy to use through the app; I always have my phone with me when I take walks during the week. The app is great because I get rewards at work through that program, and I’ve seen the personal results as well. I’m down 10 pounds and have more energy since I started walking more regularly!

WWFY: Can you explain a little more about how the tools on the portal have been helpful in achieving your personal wellness goals?
Heather: Besides the pedometer tracking program, which helped me lose weight, I joined a tobacco cessation program as recommended by my employer. Every time I tried to quit in the past, I found that it was just too hard to do it on my own. My family really wants me to quit, so that’s the extra push to kick the habit. The meetings, health coach appointments, and the employee wellness health portal track my progress in the program. Knowing where I am in terms of achieving my goals provides me with encouragement, and I even earn incentives along the way.

WWFY: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your experience using the Wellness Portal?
Heather: Yes, actually. I want to mention that English is my second language, so when I found out that the portal was available in Spanish, I was so excited! It’s really nice to have these resources available in my primary language. The web portal truly is a customizable tool. I have found it to be very useful on many levels.

Join Heather in the Ranks of Happy Wellness Portal Users

At Wellworks For You, we make it easier than ever to integrate wellness into daily living. In addition to providing structured wellness in the workplace, tools like the Wellness Portal enable employees to easily access valuable health resources—any time, any place.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make an online health portal available in your workplace, contact us here to get started or call us anytime at 800-425-4657.