A recent article highlighted the state of workplace stress among full-time workers. The results: over 60% of the study participants said they felt stressed three or more workdays per week, on average. 70% of those employees rated their stress at a three-plus level out of five. These statistics are consistent with additional research that demonstrates the rising need for stress management solutions in the workplace. Fortunately, corporate health coaching is significantly helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to reduce stress in the workplace.

Corporate Health Coaching Casts a Wide Net of Stress Management Benefits

Corporate health coaching can provide an abundance of benefits, beginning with the provision of stress management solutions. Work-related stress is a serious issue for employees in many industries and can be handled in a variety of ways. One way to reduce and diminish work-related stress is through a corporate health coaching program.

Multiple studies have shown that people who participate in advanced wellness programs are better able to identify stress triggers, both external and internal. Corporate health coaches teach employees to develop effective solutions to manager their triggers. Some ways of dealing with stress include:

  • Mindfulness Training
    Mindfulness techniques reduce stress and anxiety and improve attentiveness and focus. A health coach might suggest a stressed-out employee tap into mindfulness by participating in a body scan to discover the source of mental discomfort. Journaling about your thoughts can also encourage you to feel more grounded and “be in the moment.”
  • corporate health coachingRelaxation Techniques
    A health coach may recommend sitting or walking meditations to improve health and wellness. Other useful techniques include taking a break to read a favorite book, sipping a cup of herbal tea, or simply pausing to appreciate various aspects of your life.
  • Breathing Exercises
    There are a number of breathing exercises that can benefit your overall health. Health coaches may suggest a variety of techniques, including timed breathing (specific counts for inhales and exhales), rolled breathing (counting breaths while holding one hand on the belly and the other on the chest), and belly breathing.
  • Physical Fitness
    A health coach will recommend physical fitness routines and workouts based on the individual health needs of employees. While some employees have a lifestyle and health status that allows for high-intensity aerobic workouts like HIIT and cardio kickboxing, others may benefit from engaging in a wellness walking program.
  • Journaling & Creative Expression
    Many individuals feel motivated and invigorated as a result of engaging in creative self-expression. Similarly, journaling both negative and positive emotions has been shown to curb anxiety, stress, and depression.

Health coaches listen to employees and provide knowledge; they function as objective professionals, offer expert guidance, and assist with helping employees achieve their health and wellness goals. Participants of the Wellworks For You corporate health coaching program often report feeling much more in control of their emotions and life circumstances after a session with their health coach.

Health coaching can benefit employees of all backgrounds. Managers will find health-coaching guidance practical in establishing better leadership and conflict-resolution practices. Coaches can also aid individuals in handling stress due to a wide range of life situations, which will ultimately help workers become more relaxed, productive, and proactive.

Additional Services Provided by Health Coaches

Health coaches are trained in a wide variety of wellness areas beyond stress management. In addition to providing evidence-based lifestyle transformation tools for stress, health coaches also provide personalized instruction with:

  • Fitness and nutrition tips
  • Weight management goals and practices
  • Effective tools to help quit smoking
  • Easy, nutritional meal planning, and grocery lists
  • Strategies to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol

Take Advantage of The Best in Corporate Health Coaching Programs

Wellworks For You provides a diverse range of corporate wellness programs, including one focused on comprehensive corporate health coaching. The health coaches that work with Wellworks For You are certified, trained, and equipped to positively impact your work environment in several ways. Wellworks For You is based out of Pennsylvania but serves corporations of all sizes, all over the world. To learn more, contact our office to get started or call us now at 800-425-4657.