Wellness has become a popular topic in recent years and we believe it’s not just some passing fad. Our health deserves our attention, which is the very reason why Wellworks For You exists. We are a management company that organizes, initiates, supports and encourages corporate wellness newswellness programs. We are able to implement a wide scope of wellness initiatives and programs and naturally, we are always excited when health topics make the news!

Wellness involves developing healthy habits in everyday life and includes things like exercise and diet, but also includes mental and emotional health awareness as well. Healthy habits can sometimes be extremely difficult to develop, but we believe with a little help and encouragement everyone can make positive changes to increase his/her overall health.

We are excited that the topic is important enough for Mrs. Obama to focus on as a White House priority. Mrs. Obama has developed a multitude of programs to increase wellness awareness with her focuses being on children and healthy eating habits. Food is an extremely practical place to start when speaking about wellness. Recently, the second annual East Wing Healthy Recipe Contest took place at the white house, during which a large panel of judges got to taste and rate 108 different recipes from across the country, developed by families with kids 8 to 12 years old. The winners will be joining Mrs. Obama at a “state” lunch in a few weeks at the white house. What a creative way to encourage healthy cooking and eating; we commend Mrs. Obama for using her position as First Lady of the United States to promote such a creative and helpful idea!

All the submitted recipes for the White House competition were lunchtime meals and adhered to the latest U.S.D.A nutritional guidelines, meaning they each contained all of the food groups and that fruits and vegetables had to make up half of every plate. Healthy cooking and eating whitehouse imagefor the everyday meal obviously doesn’t need to meet such strict guidelines, but these are great starting points for the average person to use while trying to cook and eat better meals. There are many health benefits to shifting eating habits and being disciplined with a healthy diet. We believe that as you create the habit, eating right can become rewarding and fun. Winners were recently announced and 54 winning participants have been invited to join the First Lady for a healthy “State Dinner” at the White House on July 9th!

Wellworks For You is encouraged by the national attention being given to health and wellness topics. We want to encourage you to begin thinking of ways to improve your overall wellness and develop healthy habits. Let’s follow in the example of the First Lady and continue this trend of healthy living and teaching the values of good nutrition within our spheres of influence. If you own or manage a company, we invite you to give us a call to learn how you can help engage your employees in wellness programs in the workplace.