Is your company considering starting a wellness program for your employees? If so, you may be wondering what kinds of activities and challenges to include and what types of services and educational opportunities to offer. For professional advice on wellness program ideas, look no further than the helpful website of Wellworks for You! We are an independent, Pennsylvania-based wellness management company that specializes in helping corporations, government and resellers implement comprehensive wellness programs. We have years of experience in this field and we’d like to use this article to share with you just a few of our recommendations for how to implement a wellness program that your employees will love!

Free Advice: Wellness Program Ideas 

lunch n learnsMake Lunch Time Productive!

The lunch hour is a time for employees to relax and take their mind off of work. Maintain that relaxing environment, but use the time to offer your staff some helpful resources through “corporate lunch and learns.” Wellworks for You will help your company set up a schedule of fun, engaging and helpful guest speakers, who will come in and offer short, informative presentations on topics such as fitness, nutrition and even mental health. This type of event could be considered a sort of mini-workshop. If your speakers are interesting and plan fun ways to engage the audience, your employees will be sure to enjoy and appreciate this lunch time opportunity!

Hint: Consider having a chef come in and demo some easy, healthy meals that can be made at home or hire a yoga instructor to come talk to your staff about the benefits of proper stretching and run a sample yoga class for those who are interested. 

Incite the Competitive Spirit!

Not everyone is ultra-competitive, but most people do enjoy games or challenges of different kinds…especially when they include the possibility of winning awards and incentives along the way. Within the context of a wellness program, your company can incorporate a variety of fun, engaging challenges to help your employees stay motivated and excited about their health-related goals. In the process, these wellness program ideas will facilitate a better work environment and even encourage positive relationships among coworkers and between employees and management.

  • VIRTUAL PEDOMETER CHALLENGE: Ask Wellworks for You about how to use our advanced software to offer a cutting-edge pedometer program with map functionality, complete tracking and the option of using a smartphone app as the pedometer itself!

  • BIGGEST LOSER CHALLENGE: America has fallen in love with the show for a reason. Implement the same motivational techniques and give your staff the opportunity to win big by losing big!

  • 5 on 5 CHALLENGE: Employees love forming teams and competing against one another in good-natured, helpful and interactive challenges like this one, which focuses on nutrition and diet choices.

For complete details on these wellness program ideas and more great tips on how to implement challenges and incentives, check out our Wellness Challenges Brochure.