Some refer to it as “corporate wellness” while others prefer “employee wellness,” but whatever you choose to call it, it’s an important aspect of corporate life in this day and age. As an employer, you have a vested interest in promoting your staff’s health and general satisfaction. The healthier people are, the more energy they have to complete the tasks assigned to them, the less days they miss due to sickness, and the more they generally enjoy their lives and their environments.

Establishing the workplace as a location where health is encouraged- and even rewarded-  takes careful planning and the willingness to implement new wellness programs. However, with a good corporate wellness provider, this process should be easy. A company like Wellworks for You, which has been successfully providing a wide variety of programs to businesses of all sizes and types, can work with you and consult you on which wellness programs are right for your company.

After an initial assessment of your corporation and your employees’ particular needs, we may suggest any one or more of the following wellness programs.

Wellness Programs that May be Helpful for Your Business:

    health and wellness programs

    • Corporate Lunch & Learns: Helping your employees achieve a healthy lifestyle begins with education. A good, comprehensive wellness program requires a platform for informing people and presenting important facts related to health and health risks. At Lunch and Learn events, speakers will come in to your company for short seminars on various wellness topics and discussion will be facilitated among your staff.
    • Health Risk Assessments & Disease Management: When you’re thinking about implementing new wellness programs, general testing is a great place to start. Many employees have never had a chance to take basic risk assessments for the categories of: general, cardiac, diabetic and fitness. By providing them with an assessment program, they will have the opportunity to take these tests and see results that will better inform them about potential dangers. Next, the proper follow up is necessary and that is where a disease management program comes into play. Wellworks can provide a comprehensive outreach and informational program for the employees that are identified as high-risk in certain areas. The goal is prevention, but we also help with crisis management for those who are already facing the difficulties of living with disease.
    • Health Fair Management: One popular wellness program implemented by many corporations is an annual health fair or health awareness day. This can be a huge undertaking to put on, but with the help of a wellness company like Wellworks For You, providing a top-notch event is simply a matter of deciding what types of vendors and services you’d like to have. Some companies want to bring in a massage therapist or provide body composition analysis. Many other options are available also, so call us today to talk about the great possibilities of putting on an outstanding health fair for your corporation!

    In addition to these three popular wellness programs, there are many other services that Wellworks For You can provide for your company. Whether you are look for a pedometer program, a smoking cessation program, health coaching, newsletter production or other wellness challenges/incentives, we have the solutions for you!