If you are an employer considering the value of hiring a wellness company to establish programs for your corporation’s employees, then you’re probably asking yourself a couple of questions. First, you may be wondering how to choose among the various wellness companies that you’ve researched. We’ll look into this topic in more detail in a later blog, but for now, let us give you a few pointers:


  • Look for a company that has been in business for a substantial amount of time and has a track record of success in the industry
  • Research or even call the clients of the companies you are considering hiring and ask about the quality of their wellness programs
  • Find out what the company can offer you in terms of results based tracking so that you can measure your ROI and analyze your progress along the way
  • Ask for a demo of any software that the company offers

wellness_companies_1If you  you are ready to hire, you may still be asking yourself a more basic question: “What can wellness companies really offer my corporation?” You may be wondering how a corporate wellness program would actually work in the context of your business and whether or not your employees would truly benefit. If you are asking these questions, you’re on the right track. After all, the primary goal of all good wellness companies is to offer a beneficial wellness program while ensuring a high ROI for your business. So, let’s look into this topic in more detail.

What Do Wellness Companies Offer?

Health Programs: The problem with many wellness companies is that they offer a sort of rigid, lifeless approach to implementing wellness programs. Steer clear of any companies that don’t give you choices, that don’t directly address your company’s needs, or who don’t seem to care whether anyone participates or not. When you work with Wellworks for You, you’ll have access to a customizable program, designed specifically for your corporation’s needs. You can choose from a wide range of offered services, including customized wellness portal, health coaching, health risk assessments, health fair management, wellness challenges and incentive programs, pedometer programs, smoking cessation programs, health screenings and more. Communication and engagement are at the core of our model. We work hand-in-hand with you to focus on your employees’ needs and keep the programs personal and relatable.

Health Education: One of our primary goals at Wellworks for You is to educate people within the corporate setting about their own personal health and wellness. We all spend a large proportion of our time at work. What better place to learn about the all-important topic of personal health? Many of our services, including wellness newsletters, corporate lunch and learns and health coaching, focus on making important health information readily available to your employees. At the same time, we focus on keeping you always up to date and educated in terms of your own company goals and progress. Our proprietary software allows you to collect and track data in a systematized manner. With the click of a mouse, you’ll have access to instant information concerning the metrics for determining your wellness program’s ROI. Education is another core value at Wellworks For You.

A Great ROI: Lastly, but certainly not least important on the list of benefits you can receive from working with wellness companies, is the return on investment that your corporation can yield from the implementation of these programs. We know that healthy minds and bodies make for ready and able employees. When your workforce is healthy and energetic, your work environment and your bottom line will be too!